I got my pockets full of memories
They mean nothing to me
They just remind me of the misery
That we are swimming in
Is there a place where I can change my brain?
Or just I don't need it at all

What if I've just today and a night
Until my mind's been turned off?
I'm askin the way
Should I apologize even tough I never thought I've gone wrong
And I'm not to blame
I say I love you my friends because

The world is full of enemies
Who's trying to make you bleed
They just don't understand the energy
That makes you want to live
"Rest in peace" written on my head
I was too weak to go on

Cause I know that everytime you'll try to find my lonely grave
I'll be in another place without a name
I learnt that life means to carry on suffering
If you never taste the sorrow you'll never get what living means
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Just Today Lyrics

The New Story – Just Today Lyrics