I like you
But everytime that I find you
You're lying away I want to
Punish you for so long

But you won't
Forget about anybody
As long as they give you money
You'll take it before it's gone

You're hiding away
As the talk of the town
But when you're here today
You're the best time around

You're out there
And crawling away like I care
You're never gonna learn it I swear
We're not all like you here

You want it
And everything that you can't get
And all your nasty little secrets
A downfall if you please

(Repeat Chorus)
And I will wish upon a star
To fall upon you're head
If you should die before I wake
I pray the lord your soul will bake

(Repeat Chorus x2)
You'll be the best time around
You'll be the best time around
You'll be the best time around
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Best Time Around Lyrics

The Muffs – Best Time Around Lyrics

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