Lost a lot in college, never got things straight,
I grew up all used up, toys for tots,
It was a pious fiction, now I'm giving you this benediction
Aeve one uiie urie ite unuve ue itedtre ime aecle urtde enve I've irve idsce aune aemve onage etge uiie
I know you, you're the one, I knew when I was young
I'm speaking pig latin, got myself in a jam.
I don't understand.
She speaks ubby dubby, she's so cute and chubby.
Hubi frubiends thubis ubis thube ubend isies onage ilce ire elphse isies onage ecte ime iteruve
Hi friends, this is the end. She's going to kill herself. She's going to take me with her.
She speaks ubby dubby, she wants to take the blame. That can be arranged.
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Pig Latin Lyrics

The Mr. T Experience – Pig Latin Lyrics