Let me tell you honey how it's gonna be. You're gonna sit around all night and watch tv: "American Ninja II"... And I will be with you.
And if somebody tries to call up on the phone, you'll let it ring and just pretend that no one's home. You'll know what to do... And I will be with you.
Going all the way, kid. No need to fake it. Half-drunk. Half-naked. Half-awake'll make it all right. The world's so dumb it hurts. Let's overcome it, escape from it, be it or become it all night. All right.
You'll pass out on the couch, then wake up with a jerk, and stumble to the phone and call in sick to work. I'll call in sick too, so I can be with you. If we can keep it up like this, you know it won't be long until those golden years start rolling along. You'll be rolling too.. And I will be with you.
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...And I Will Be With You Lyrics

The Mr. T Experience – ...And I Will Be With You Lyrics