Pam: Well -just. .. Operator? Hold for a minute, please. ..
Fz: Hello?
Operator: Yes, sir. ..
Fz: Ah, can you call 6-7-8-9-8-6-6?
Operator: Same area code?
Fz: Yes
Operator: Alright
Fz: Is that Vickie?
Pam: Yeah. .. He's gonna bump you off yet, he's got a gun, you know. .. (heh heh heh. ..) If he didn't get ya in Laurel Canyon, he won't get you here
Vickie: Hello?
Pam: Vickie?
Vickie: Yeah
Pam: What's happening?
Vickie: Listen: your father has called me up this. ..
Pam: Now look, just don't panic but just tell me. ..
Vickie: I'm not panicking!
Pam: ok
Vickie: I think my phone's tapped too
Pam: Well don't worry, that's quite alright
Vickie: Alright. .. Your father called me up this afternoon
Pam: Just a second. ..
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Telephone Conversation Lyrics

The Mothers Of Invention – Telephone Conversation Lyrics