Packing my bags
Time is a drag
Smell myself
To make sure I'm still there
I'm alone in the park
(Say goodbye)
With the Saber Tooth Shark
(I won't cry)
And every pretty girl that broke my heart
(Old friend, see you again)
Receding lines
(I know)
Broken dimes
(Must go)
Who's gonna meet their match this time
(See red, sore head)
The maker's at home
(Alone here)
Smoking a bone
(Alone there)
I'm on my own, I'm on my own
(I'm alone everywhere)
These nightmares
(Say goodbye)
(I won't cry)
With the repeating cast of characters
(Old friend, see you again)
I don't wanna talk
(So afraid)
When my thoughts are true
(Back in the day)
I hate myself when I think like you
(Tag along, same song)
'Cause it's over
(Bazooka Joe)
It's over
(Punk show)
It's ancient, it's so old
(Front row, demo)
It's ancient
(3000 miles)
It's ancient
(New styles)
It's so old, let's call the whole thing
(When in Rome, go home)
(Say goodbye, I won't cry, old friend)
Let's call the whole thing
(See you again)
(Say goodbye, I won't cry, old friend)
See you again, say goodbye
I won't cry, old friend
I'll see you again
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Goodbye Song Lyrics

The Moldy Peaches – Goodbye Song Lyrics

Goodbye Song lyrics © ADAM GREEN

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