Never trust a boy oh oh oh
Your life is never enjoyed whoah oh oh
You can trust a girl hey hey
If you never wanna get hurt hey hey

Verse 1

I really like you alot, boy
I think your really hot, boy
So don't push my buttons, boy
In case you had forgetten, boy
Gonna remind you,

Bridge 1

I am your girlfriend
This is never gonna end
Unless you want it to
I really don't think you even care
Got my fingers running through my hair

I'm so upset and stressed ooooooh


What is the point of you staying here?
What is the point of us when you don't even care?
Do you need me more than anyone else?
If so, then you better change yourself
Every day, every night
I'm going out of my mind
So go
Leave now oh oh oh

Verse 2

I think that you hate me, boy
But you keep staring at me, boy
So don't get me upset, boy
Your'e playing hard to get, boy
Gonna tell you

Bridge 1


Verse 3

I need you right now, boy
And I'll show you how, boy
So just leave me alone, boy
Don't text me on my phone, boy
Gonna let you know

Bridge 1

Chorus x2

Leave me alone now BOY!

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Leave Now (Oh Oh Oh) Lyrics

The Microphones – Leave Now (Oh Oh Oh) Lyrics