When the rain stops keep pouring your love down
When the sun sets keep shining on me
When the snow melts and the cracks show
Make a fresh start throw the old you away
When the bad days make you angry
Making new friends doesn't come at all
When the cute boys all ignore you
And you don't speak their languages
Tell me once again I'm happy
Happy like the never ending rain
Tell me once again I'm happy
Like a new drop, an old stop, a far off carousel kind of place
When the dream fades please don't wake me
When a smile comes thanks and praise
When your luck runs into dry spells
And the years pass just like days
Can you step back, let the drains fill
Let the sink drip in your brain
Pull the light switch lose the life vest
Pull yourself back from the haze
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Carousel Lyrics

The Lift – Carousel Lyrics