My bedroom is quiet, the walls are all bare
I took all the paintings down, cause you, you're not here
And it's sinking in, you're not here

Lying on the couch, the stereo's on
I'm singing out loud
The memories are strewn across the room
Like a castle on a cloud

I took a pair of scissors to photos of this year
I tried to cut you, but you, you won't disappear
And it's sinking in, you won't disappear

I really have to wonder what's in store for me now
I want to know how i'll ever be sane
I want to know how...

I loved you, I still do
I'll scream it out loud!
Memories of you, memories of you
Like a castle on a cloud
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You Won't Disappear Lyrics

The Hint – You Won't Disappear Lyrics