Please believe it's not the last time
I'm gone for good
And you'll soon be gone for the worst
I understand I've crossed the last line
You've got to give
And I've got to give into this
To this desperation
To my final call
It's time to leave
So please believe it's not the last time
It's so much more
Than you'll ever come to know

Let's watch the horizon burn the sky
It was the same last summer
Just let it be now
Let's get ahead of ourselves tonight
Let go of each other
Just set it free now

We're never gone we're just forgotton
Forgiving this
And she's found herself again
I'm searching hard for something tangible
Yet feeling lost
And haven't found heaven yet
And I'm feeling helpless
And I'll hope like hell
For something more
So please believe I'm still alone here
I'm falling down
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Sunburn Lyrics

The Heroes Of Valhalla – Sunburn Lyrics

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