Seems not that long ago, I was just a boy
High hopes and aspirations, were only a matter of time
When you came into the world, I couldn't have known the change,
That you would bring with you, every single day

So I pray that I'm enough, I hope I'm all you need
I'll take responsibility, and try to fix my bad things
I drink too much at times, and I had been known to fight
And I always lose on a sure thing

It's all I am, and I'm working hard on me
To be a better man, I'm learning slowly

When I'm looking at you now, I see my own reflection
The good, the bad, and otherwise, it's a unique introspection,
To be the world you know, and shelter when I can
To bring good memories, laughter and direction

See I work to much at times, just trying to get ahead
But I need to forget the future, and just enjoy today
This song is who I am, and it's sometimes out of key,
The words are often clumsy, but what you get is what you see
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Learning Slowly Lyrics

The Go Set – Learning Slowly Lyrics