Do you ever stop believing
In the power of the human race
Do you ever start perceiving
In the image in the mirror
A decided fall from grace
It's a product of your disconnected state

As we turn into our fathers
As we strive to hold our deepest fears at bay
Crashing headlong into others
Blind to consequence, blind to any other way
Simply doing what we must to make our way
Well I say

Look inside
You will find
A hidden world of innocence and wonder
Sanctuary, boat to carry you
Across the river wide
All you ever had to do was look inside

I can hear the skeptics screaming,
Take your guitar and your pseudo-hippy pose
Platitudes ain't got no bearing
On the myth of my existence
Or the weight of my own woes
And the misery that only my heart knows
But I say

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Look Inside Lyrics

The Gathering Field – Look Inside Lyrics