Wake up late in the day, I'm roaming the streets, I'm awake
Headache, gonna kill the pain with some pills, I'm falling asleep today
Reluctantly trying to keep a straight face
I'm in decay, I'm okay everything is okay
Thinking "do or die" with a smile, feeling alright
But I just can't think with this being rubbed in my face
Tear gas and grenades
It's just another day
running, fucking running, running on no sleep
While I see you quit, I can't say the same for me
Harder to kick than you think where a good times still had
I'm glad you're thinking of me
But when you look in the rear view mirror, all you're gonna see is me
wasting away, I'm waiting in line today
Pigeonholed, but the police don't care about me
Why would they? who are they to take pride with every stride of their step?
You know they try too hard to impress the likes of me
That's right, you lied to me, or was that someone else?
I can't remember in my current state
Don't fucking tell me I won't remember in the morning
Just tell me when this is getting boring
I think we're at that point
This is gonna end up killing me
wake up late in the day
I'm awake, headache gonna kill the pain
Wasting away, I'm waiting in line today
I'm falling asleep today

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Do Or Die Lyrics

The Flatliners – Do Or Die Lyrics