I want to see
I don't want to believe anymore
I want to just be alone with my dreams
To be alone
The places that I've found
Seem old and dried out now
No one left to hold me when I'm down
There's no one left
No one left
Home tonight
No more dreams or delays
Home tonight
We can leave or you can stay
In my hometown it was
So easy to be just me
No need to hide my ambitions and crying eyes
No need to hide
I need to go
But not to be alone
To hold and be held in the arms that know me well
To hold and and be held
I don't want to wait
Can't stand another day
I really really can't stay
I know if I go I won't come back no no no
But don't be sad
When the train takes me home at last
When I'm home home at last
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Home Tonight Lyrics

The Filthy Violets – Home Tonight Lyrics