See them on the tv screen, looking back with electric eyes;
Razorblades and vaseline; what I see is synthesized.
Photographs and magazines will accept no compromise;
Radio and nicotine, all of them are synthesized.
Synthesized. Synthesized.
Every day now, more and more, names and faces obsolete.
See the movement on the floor; always listen to the beat.
One by one, ____ __ ____ stream, every movement synchronized,
Dancing like they're in a dream; everything is synthesized.
Synthesized. Synthesized.
Calling cards and catalogs sacrificed for their disguise;
Disconnecting analogs, anything to synthesize.
Nothing here is what it seems, nothing ____ will be recognized;
Perfect fit for the Machine: everyone is synthesized.
Synthesized. Synthesized. Synthesized. Synthesized.
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Synthesized Lyrics

The Epoxies – Synthesized Lyrics