I've watched so many run that it makes me feel numb when
I loose a good friend to another pointless trend.
I'm sick of superficial minds clogging the ears of our blind,
Blind because they cannot see their own dismal routines.
No matter what is your label, we've got to turn all the tables before it's too late.
And before we have the chance to state all the shit that is wrong with this society
In which we belong, where the privileged don't speak.
They're too busy fighting for their green.
This lack of hope has been jammed down my throat to the point
Where I only care about impending air.
As I chocked up, all the words came out
And I finally heard all the shit you had been talking about.
You said I wouldn't last too long. Well you're wrong.
I am the black sheep of this country because I won't buy what they sell me.
My friend, that's what this X means.
It's the symbol of all my beliefs.
It's the ink that's been used by this world to cross out my words
So they wouldn't hold and to crush my defiant thoughts.
But it's only put a fire in my heart.
I can pick myself up when I'm down with this fire in my heart.
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Black Sheep Lyrics

The Effort – Black Sheep Lyrics