One, two, three

A thousand times a day
I tell you I love the way you smell
Even though it makes me cry
It's my favorite time to be alive
And all I know
Is I feel lost without you
I miss you is not enough

I know the story's old
It's been told a million times before
But to tell it feels so good
It reminds me that not all I do is right
And all I know is that I feel so lost
Without you

Now I remember the day
I was a kid in eighth grade
Your friend tapped me on my shoulder
And asked me if I would be your boyfriend
Oh yeah we were intense then
We would walk and hold hands

You were taller than me
Then I got a friend to tell you
That I didn't want to be anymore
Oh no not anymore
So then for three more years
We would never talk
And I'm not going to lie though

I couldn't stop thinking about you
Then your best friends came over
And I got them to call you
To see if you wanted
To watch the band play dude ranch
I knew that would impress you
So then we got to talking

And before we knew it
We were always on the phone
Talking until for in the morning
Yeah there was only one problem
Now I never knew your man
Never talked to him
And still until this day

I feel bad for it
But I knew that I loved you
And I knew that I had to do something
So I waited until the day you broke up with him
We had a barbecue at our friend Jim's
And we strolled through the backyard
And that's where we shared our first kiss

And you watched the band play
With all your friends
And we played our set
Of melancholy and choking victim
I guess that didn't impress you
Then an hour later between you and your friends
You told me that you didn't want to be anymore

Oh no not anymore
But then a while later we got back together
And told each other we would be forever
And since that day we had our share of problems
And now we know that it's hard
But better together
Oh yeah its better together

So now we have a house and a couple pets
We're even getting married
Nine years after it
And every time I see you still hear trumpets
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1000 Times A Day Lyrics

The Early November – 1000 Times A Day Lyrics