(Wendy says): What can I get for ya Hun?
~I would like a number 5 and a side of ranch.
Anything to get into her sweet snake skin pants~
(W): What can I get for ya Hun???
Yes, I would like a side order of pain and a coke.
And a table please. this booth isn't big enough for us both
(W):Anything else?
Do you have any placebos on stock?
(W):Yup, which would you like?
I wanna feel like I can breathe smoke.
We've created a monster, Alter-ego disaster.
Wipe the crumbs off your shirt you look disgusting.
I'm no 'Hulk Hogan' but at least I'm not filthy
You better watch your back cus your next up to bat.
But wait your teeth are dirty, don't worry.
I got a toothpick for ya hunny.
(G): but it looks an awful lot like a baseball bat????
Hahaha (its my turn to have the last laugh)
Take me out to the ball game...
Say goodbye to that pretty face.

I never. thought we'd ever. lose this rat race together.
Another day. another broken bloody organ.
This world has a funny... interpretation of irony
I never thought we... would end up to be...
The same.
You're just like me.
Please dance on my grave lightly.
I never thought we'd end up to be one in the same.
Where do I set my sails from here? So free yet I can't sleep or eat.
I am gone with the wind again again and agian.
The jokes on me.
Your next.
Check please.
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It's A Bird. It's A Plane. No!!!... Lyrics

The Crinn – It's A Bird. It's A Plane. No!!!... Lyrics