You're just like plastacine
Being moulded into a libertine dreamer
I feel so sorry for you
If you were 13 I'd let you off
But you're not and you should know better
Gather my thoughts on a note pad
And a parker pen and I wright you a letter
But there's not enough paper in the world
There's not enough paper in the world
Have you heard all you're friends go
Da de da da de daao
All the words they seam to know
All the words in you're song go
Da de da de daao
You're ok jacky buy you've got no spine
Please vacate this city of mine

I only wish you had this song to back up you're
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Acrylic Lyrics

The Courteeners – Acrylic Lyrics

Songwriters: LIAM JAMES FRAY
Acrylic lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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