On a cold October's day
The battlefield at Gettysburg
On a plaque I read my name
The wheels of time begin to turn
I see the years stripped away
I see their lines blue and gray


Down in Gettysburg
Saw them fall
Bloody Gettysburg
Took them all
Waited for the word
Never came
Retreat from Gettysburg

I've seen a lot of wicked things
Heard a lot of people cry
I know it couldn't touch the pain
Of seeing 50, 000 die
I saw the sun fall away
The moon shone white on their graves


Billy Yank said good-bye
Mother's son left to die
Dixieland look away
Mother's son died today

Papa fought a bloody war
His father in the one before
Walking through the haunted field
I knew we couldn't give no more
I saw the years stripped away
I watched men die blue and gray

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Gettysburg Lyrics

The Brandos – Gettysburg Lyrics