Where is the middle, is the middle of your mind
Is it the place where you stop, where you just stop trying
Call out the dogs and let them have a sniff
They might catch a little sent before you just forget it

Loosing your head is such a common theme
All your brains are falling out, falling out the open seams
Where is the heart, is the heart of the matter
I will empty out my skull of all this useless chatter

I want an empty head, I want to go to bed
For a long long long time
I want to fall behind I want to get in line
For a long long long time

What's in the name if it's a name you can't remember
You thought you had it down, but then you ran back to the center
What's in a word if that word has lost its meaning
If you say it all the time a dirty word will get its cleaning

Where is the end is the edge of understanding
I might think its over rated I cant take the line expanding
Give me a push a little push in one direction
I might need a little help with my own interconnection

[Chorus: x3]
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What's in the middle Lyrics

The Bird And The Bee – What's in the middle Lyrics

Songwriters: George, Inara / Kurstin, Gregory Allen
What's in the middle lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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