Another empty bottle thrown over your shoulder
Another hazy morn is another day older
Now the weekend's gone, and so are you
And all the bottles collecting up on the shelf
Are there to ease the pain but it just don't help
Cuz now you hate yourself, and you hate me too

Well looking at you puts a lump in my throat
That makes it hard to swallow my beer
And there's a reason that it's giving me the fear
Cuz you're shaking like a leaf
And I've seen that shake before, my friend
I ain't giving you no shit, just understand

You're looking like my old man

Well some little girl went out and broke your heart
Ripped out your mind and tore your world apart
And it ain't the first time you've been done this way
There's an angry little man inside of you
He comes out to play when you get stewed
And you're gonna have to starve him out some day
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My Old Man Lyrics

The Beltones – My Old Man Lyrics