I remember the days when
Things were real bad for me
It was right after my accident
When I lost my hand

It seemed like I was all alone
With nobody to help me
You know, I almost gave up
All my hopes and dreams

But then, then, then something
Inside me kept telling me
Way down inside of me
Over and over again
To keep going on, yeah, on


Don't turn away
(You're gonna make it, baby)
Don't turn away
(Ah, try to make it, baby)
Don't turn away

Things are better for me now
Cause I found that I love music
So I learned to play the drums
And got myself a band and now
We're starting to make it

And if you can make it
At something you love
Wow, you got it all

So I'm saying this to all of you
All of you who think you'll never make it
All of you guys and girls
Cause you think you're so bad off

Or maybe you think you're
A little different or strange
So listen to me now
Cause I've lived through it all


Don't turn away
(You gotta keep on trying)
Don't turn away
(Well, don't you give up, baby)
Don't turn away

Now there's just one thing that I need
Not sympathy and I don't want no pity
But a girl, a real girl
One that really loves me

And then I'll be the complete man
So I'm gonna tell you right now, listen

Don't turn away (you gotta, baby)
Don't turn away (you gotta keep on trying)
Don't turn away, don't turn away
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Moulty Lyrics

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