False leaders crowned, a world of mass destruction
Can't wash the lies away death messiah to whom people pray
Election day spitting bullshit to the enslaved
Make them believe compromised insanity

The time is now, rise up from destitution
We won't lay down, resist the persecution

Inspired hate controlled by endless faith
Sins washed away the bloody shores of humanity
Unholy war, mankind is blind and bleeding
Indoctrinate, shatter all of the people's faith

[Chorus: x2]

I will fight relentlessly
I stand tall defiantly
I see what you cannot see
I invoke the beast in me

I fear not the agony
I breathe hope inside of thee
I will kill the enemy
I fulfill my destiny

A swarm of death engulfs the sky forever
Blocks out the sun, the desecration of salvation
The end is near, elected false messiah
Plan put in gear, the formation of damnation

[Chorus: x2]

Eyes, see, hands bleed
Set, free, the formation of damnation
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The Formation Of Damnation Lyrics

Testament – The Formation Of Damnation Lyrics