Human eyes will never know
The horrors that I've seen
The nature of the souls
And the lines I've read between
'Cause it's not the way they're ugly
And it's not the way they creep
It's the friendly way they greet us
And they watch us as we sleep
If you look into their soulless eyes
You'll see them
And know they cause the horrors
Of the world
Wherever there is evil you will find them
Reflected in the eyes of boys and girls
They love to feed the suffering
And the pain caused deep inside
Laughing at the torment
Of a broken, tortured mind
The power of their presence
Is more chilling than their call
'Cause the reason that they're here
Is to make monsters of us all
Monsters walk the earth
In the form of those we've known
They've sent us off to school
And they've watched us as we've grown
Always lurking there behind us
Controlling us from birth
You may call them parents
I know monsters walk the earth

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Monsters Walk The Earth Lyrics

Teen Idols – Monsters Walk The Earth Lyrics