Why is the monster taller than ever, while the weak fade away?
When justice storms, and darkness flees, I'm reminded on that day

[Repeat: x3]
The last shall be first, the first shall be last
The last shall be and everything's in reverse

Livin' with the end in mind, something like the president
I was livin' for the moment, tryin' to own it, residence
Believe in Him, that's the last thing I'd ever chose
Gimme that red top, that sixty seven Chevy my cousin drove on them coldest
Life is short, I hope I make it down the road
But where I'm from hope was that girl who flirted, flaunted

You never got it, but she was the one you always wanted
How good a picture perfect image front and tell you lies
My version of perversion did it every day alive
And man that burden got me hurtin' lookin' for some answers
Endless searchin' just leave you burnin', Jo Jo Dancer
But mine ended when I saw the Lord would choose to hang
That type of love got me coming back, call it boomerang
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Reverse Lyrics

Tedashii – Reverse Lyrics

Songwriters: Alex Medina, Andrew Aaron Mineo, Joseph Ryan Prielozny, Tedashii Anderson
Reverse lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., MUSIC SERVICES, INC., THE ADMINISTRATION MP, INC.

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