I came to party with a thirst of for beer
A wanna drink, so give me one to me
My body ashes and I need one now
I'm gonna get drunk and beer is the key
It set my brew down for one second
Went to the toilet - I had to pee
When I came back it wasn't very long
For me notice: My beer was gone
Tantrum - who stole my beer?
Tantrum - you must die!!!
I searched the house from
The top to bottom
Checked all closets and under the couch
Came up empty it's nowhere to be found
Guess you stole it and I will kill
Is this a joke or some kind of nightmare
I want my beer and I want now
I gonna gun and know how to use it
And I will the choice is yours

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Tantrum Lyrics

Tankard – Tantrum Lyrics

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