We have a deal with Satan
A contract signed in Hell
We sacrifice a virgin
He makes our record sell
SATAN! - To Antichrist we pray
EVIL! - To hit the charts one day

666 Packs - Seven days of death and pain
Satan - Thirteen hours blood will rain
666 Packs - Nine black bats will eat your brain
Satan - Good with numbers? Join our cult
We have the baddest evil
Come buy our merchandise
A plastic scull, a T-Shirt
That says "I shit on Christ"
SATAN! - is thrashing to the beat
EVIL! - on seven days of week

(Solo: Axel, Andy)
On stage we slaughter poultry
In songs we slaughter man
Black masses, guts and torture
We do the worst we can
SATAN! EVIL! - on blood and gore we feast
SATAN! - I am your Judas Priest
(Chorus 2 times)
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666 Packs Lyrics

Tankard – 666 Packs Lyrics

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