Never really thought that I would get to this today
I really didn?t know if I should say what I should say
But I got this feelin that you feeling
All the things I wanna show
I put it in the song to let you know.
Verse 1
I think I like you
And if you got some time to spare
I was thinking we could fall in love
I want to let you in
Are you willing to catch my fall
If I happen to just fall for you
My love for you grows stronger everyday
So much deeper, so crazy
In the ways I can't explain
I've been waiting for the day to call you mine
I was thinking we could fall in love.
Do what you want, as long as you with me
Say what you want
As long as I hear you calling my name,
Over and over again
Take what you want, as long as you take me
Love me for real
I promise you'll hear me calling you're name
Over and over again..
Verse 2
I'm just searching, searchin for the truth
All I know is, my heart belongs to you
I'm not in this, just for the honeymoon
But all the way
Verse 3 :
I know I'm falling
And I just might never get up
So I, guess I will be here to stay
You're breaking my walls and you're taking my heart
There's nothing I can do but fall apart for you,
And baby, that's cool
Refrain:1 X
Over and over and over and over again
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Over And Over Again Lyrics

Tami Chynn – Over And Over Again Lyrics