Now it seems another life away...
You throwing everthing away...
Everything you cared about is gone
The wisdom and the mystery
Baby, now that's history
You over-shot the moon and now it's gone
Everything you ever had is gone
Why, baby... Why did you have to tempt your fate
You're filled with bitterness and hate
And now you're left alone
Just staring at your empty hands
What happened to your greatest plan
Well it's now a secret held by the moon
You gave away your love
And now your mind is racing
The lights are dimming fast
Too fast and you can't hold on
Still you try and pick up all the pieces
And you try and fix it...
And make it right
But baby... What you had
What you had is gone
You... Ya try and pick up all the pieces
But now it's time to put 'em all away
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Everything You Had Lyrics

Susan Marshall – Everything You Had Lyrics