Wake up, make up
Don't stop, head up
Give a little tvit, huh huh
Show me yours
I'll love you more
Give them all a wink

Well it's so catchy, it's so tasty
Well it's so catchy, it's so tasty, catchy
It's so simple, it's all about Japan
Coming over it's Neon Commando
Comic people with tears in their eyes
It's so simple
We love JAPAN!

Crowded streets and foreign language
Hits you liek a beat huh huh
Lot's of flavours
Clubs for members
Give yourself a treat


Wake up, Make up
Forward, Don't stop
Give a little tvit
It's in your favour
Go abroad and give them all a wink


Doko ni iru no? Ima ai ga nakute sabishii
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Neon Commando Lyrics

Surferosa – Neon Commando Lyrics