Lost independence lost in dependence lost
Was a time of pleasure
Was a time of joy
Life so great and love so big and true
Seemed to be so easy
Seemed to be so clear
You belonged to me and me to you
And the days went slowly
But the days went by
Suddenly a change out of the blue
And I lost control
Playing a minor role
The play was tailor-made for you
Such a common story
Such a common tale
Circumstances change and feelings too
And your feelings changed
And you became estranged
I became a plaything in your hands
Captured in my distress
Longing for your caress
But I don't get what I demand
Stop hurting my pride
Playing games fucking up my mind
Stop doing me wrong
Can't you see I am not that strong
Say is it a thrill
Is it fun breaking up my will?
Who gave you the right
Who allowed you to take my light?
Now your time has come
Now your will is done
My will I had long since lost to you
Can't get away from you
Can't stop needing you
And there is nothing I can do
Stop hurting my pride
Playing games fucking up my mind
Stop playing with me
Satisfying your vanity
Say how do you dare
Treating somebody so unfair?
Stop taking my pride
I just can't stand this hell inside
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Be Mine Lyrics

Superior – Be Mine Lyrics