The ghost of a friend came down to me
Singing don't go back to misery
She spread out her wings and said listen to me
This ain't no place for you to be
Oh my darling you can set me free

So I packed up my sorrows
And I followed her down
To the Westway Road heading out of town
The grass is greener off the beaten track
So come with me and we won't go back

Oh my darling I could only try
They're the clowns that've taken the town
Yeah the fools here are running me down

Well I don't need them around, they got nothing on you
They got nothing on you, no
And the lady sings

Now the ghost of a friend is leaving me
For another dark place of misery
But the fires burning and the winds they change
I know I've seen my friend again
Oh my darling you have made me see

There is always a circus in town
With the vultures, and the peacocks and hounds


You see there's always a circus in town
All the vultures, peacocks and hounds


Well, there she goes
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Ghost Of A Friend Lyrics

Supergrass – Ghost Of A Friend Lyrics

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