I am what I am
I'm super-fortified hundred proof girl with a band
And I'm a velveteen rabbit made of steel with a plan
I'm not your seventeen girl but it's not worth a can
Of worms, I'm not your beauty queen
I'm not the girl in Glamor Magazine
I'm not running for Miss Popularity
'Cause I won't be what I can't be

But I want to be real
I want to find out who I am
And I will find my way to hear
And I will find my voice my stand

I am who I am
I am woman hear me roar, I am salt I am sand
A million starfish stranded, landed,
I'll throw back what I can
I'll save the planet, change the world
I'll make a one girl stand
I've got better things to do than be shown off
I won't be the doll you'll lock up in a box
Don't expect me to be anything I'm not
'Cause I won't be what I can't be


Approval is your sword
Popularity your crown
But I'm not one of your subjects
You can't bring me down
You say I loose your approval if I'm not cool like you
Well, here's a newsflash for you
I've got nothing to loose
Your laughter is hollow because I don't care
You look down at me, but I'm not there
I've got nothing to prove and nothing to lose
Nothing to prove and nothing to lose

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Real Lyrics

Superchick – Real Lyrics