Verse 1:
Obscured by sorrows which blurred these murky remains
Ruins of bliss, conceived by the blood of the martyr
Shackled with stench of decay, masked in the fog
Nightfall conceals the light fading further away from me

Fear haunts my soul
In search of the weak

Chorus Part 1:
Burn my face beneath the flames
Damp touch writhing in my eyes
Plead forgiveness to the gods
All of which have turned away

Chorus Part 2:
Pale and lean
Long forseen
So I'll leave before I know
Crumbling faith
Deceives my will
To my life I bid farewell

Verse 2:
With lust in my soul I emerge, scarred from my fears
Mistaken these visions of hate, embracing my plea
Rejected my fate, bestowed within arms of dismay
Delusion of rule, dictated from those long deceased

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus Part 1)

(Repeat Chorus Part 2)

Haunted by tears of the fallen

Womb of lies cloaked my face, masked for fear
Beneath this vivid fraud, forged to prosper from demise
With remorse, in the mist, I repent my tears
And with my grief in hand, I shall cast away all I've ever been

(Repeat Chorus Part 1)

(Repeat Chorus Part 2)
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Tears Of The Fallen Lyrics

Summer Dying – Tears Of The Fallen Lyrics