Kann vi ekki skjóta hann?

There were four of us
One of us was the landlord
There were, we were on a drinking spree
I had eaten my take-away
I washed my landlord, he was covered in gravy
The others were amazed how dirty he was
How I was, but I said,
He never took a bath,
He never takes a bath,
So why, why don't we just shoot him?

Why don't you shoot him?
Why don't you shoot him?
Why don't you just shoot him?

I said that's no polite manner to behave in
But something like that I was too drunk to remember
I said, he can't suffer the cold water
He'll die! He'll die!
They said no way, jose!
I said, my name ain't Jose
He said yes it is
But I think he was already dead
He suffered a stroke in the bath
So why don't you shoot him?
Why don't you shoot him?


I said oh no
And he was so dirty
But why give him a bath?
Why don't you just give him a bullet


In the head?
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Shoot Him Lyrics

Sugarcubes – Shoot Him Lyrics

Songwriters: Bj�rk Gudmundsdottir, Bragi Olafsson, Einar Benediktsson, Margret Oernolfsdottir, Sigtryggur Baldursson, Thor Eldon Jonsson
Shoot Him lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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