Break me!
Fake me!
Irritates me
Bothering rhapsody


Crowded all the streets
I can see only fleas
What's with all these
Irrisistible (false) dreams

Dreams to live a life
Dreams to build a pride
Walking on the floor
I've given up the fight
Once I built a fence
A protection from the sense
With a promise to believe -
I've never had a pure romance


Before it turns to be late
Gotta shake yourself up
All these things around you
Getting close to the edge
Before it all gonna fade
Gotta wake your friends up
All your friends around you
Getting close to the end!


You break me!
You shake me!
You irritate me!

It is a usual late morning
Please let us sleep on the kitchen floor
Let the tribulation be our tristful pillow
And our bodies overburdened by sweet
Put off ourselves that Sober is our enemy
Strawberry is our only friend!

Darkness about to fall
And drills a terror in you
Get away, scream and crawl
Praying to get another bottle of hope, bottle of hope
Than get it!
Pulls me over makes you fly, keeps in levity
Scratch the surface, not too high
Dope! That is your designation to kill me now
I'm already dead you can't kill me!

I'm already...

Tune to a sound, that's what you are to me
Can't get rid of you Enemy!
Salt to the see, that's what you are to me
I'm tired and say goodbye to all!

Ki tany? Ja ez a ny? Rf? S?
Nem hallatszik a kurjant? S
Ny? Rfaerdo, sz? Llel inog
? N a f? Kkal egy? Tt ringok
Arra j? Rtok, megsirattok

Halo is due to all, Your realm made me ungodly.
Father praise my soul, Forgiveness for all.

Can't get rid of you enemy!
Truly, madly, deeply! I'm stucked on you Enemy
Can't get it!
Can't get it!
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Delirium II - The Tremens Lyrics

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