Well, we realized so long and I bet you
Seen it all, the lies won't let you
I've got 14 miles to go
I've got rhythm comin' since I've got the soul

But I won't wanna come around our love
So why, why, why, why, why
If you are rich, I'm gonna hang you on the wall
And I'ma find you, I find you
I'm gonna get your lovin' arms today

So why we fight to get
We fight to get our weary arms to bed
Real love's something that I still hope
People make there own places to go

And now in '94, we're going to lie some more
1994 we're going to die some more
And [Incomprehensible] ever going to be the last show?

It is going to be the last drive
[Incomprehensible] to make the cars that we drive
Don't worry, don't mind, I've got house to find
And it's all underneath your voodoo
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Work That We Do [Live] Lyrics

Sublime – Work That We Do [Live] Lyrics