The music sucks and that's a genuine truth
When you're not around I feel that nothing is good
Probably it's a fact and probably it's not
But when I'm not an asshole I think you love me a lot
Despite my bad character, despite my forked tongue
You need an explanation and so I write a song
I told you you're the best one and even you're the one
So here's the only exception and keep it well in mind because

I do control until I call I try to hang, but then I fall
If hate's A place, I'm going to I never had/Loved someone like you

I stand to the fact that you're sick at home
I stand to the fact that you want to be alone
I stand to the fact you don't like me saying so
I can't stand to the fact I don't like music anymore
I won't lose you or no one would believe I have a brain
So here comes the romance and here comes the pain
If you love me sweet darling I won't bound myself in fog
Hey kiss me sweet princess I am not that bad as frog
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The Music Sucks Lyrics

Styles P – The Music Sucks Lyrics