Well its hard to find the words to say, what no one would say to you when were around,
The loneliest caged bird sings the saddest song,
And you were never one to keep us guessing long, well if you ask me what went wrong?
I'll tell you nobody is doin' fine, were all fucked up and doin' time,

The gates of Eden elude people like ourselves, I think about you every now and then,
More now than I ever did when you were down, all reservations pass when chances slip away,
All songs play better from confusion, now I sit and I wounder how,
Everyday gets a little shorter always feel I'm losin' out somehow,

Don't want to let another day go by without creation, now if you ask what went wrong?
When your fallin' you're the only one that doesn't see the distance,
Sacrifice yourself to save yourself,
Now we don't always walk the line and broadcast how we hurt sometimes,

And at times it seems nobody wants to know,
Give me some time I might remember everything you ever did or said to me.
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Swan Dive Lyrics

Strung Out – Swan Dive Lyrics