Here I can hold 'em off for a while at least till I think of a way to make them see what I gotta show and to make them feel what I already know now pour the gas all over me light a match say a prayer and set me free turn your cameras on this burning boy I'll be the life of an image you can't destroy to see me here is to pass me by and to watch me live is to watch me die your conscience ignored your panic spread you're whimper in the wind that no one said you crucify what you fear hold up to the light make it shine the desperation in my eyes is no dim reflection I won't disguise but you never listened too afraid to give now I'm giving up on you to save face and deny you've lost your chance for a better way assassinate the threat immortalize the corpse write a book about the show and sell it to the source riddle me this and I'll share your world around hang me on your wall and I'll bring your hurt down
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Savant Lyrics

Strung Out – Savant Lyrics