She's a big girl and she know
Just what she wants
She's gonna get her shit together
gonna get out of Hollywood
Daddy's little angel won't be commin'
Home tonight.
When your nowhere to be found
I'll know you've givin up the fight
She can't hold here own she
Says she's gotta run away from here
The city's gotten the best of
Her just one too many times.
When everything's been said and
Done and the dust has finally cleared
I'll be your fool just one more
Time I'll be waitin' by the phone.
Cause I don't know
And I don't care
I'll do anything you want
Never good enough for you.
Well she don't need nobody anyway.
That's cause no one understands her
She's somewhere in outer space
Knock Knockin at my head again this
Time you won't get in
She's in orbit now and I'm underground
Just waitin' by the phone
Everything she sees is everything she wants
There's a riddle in her eyes sometimes
I try to figure it our
She's got a mountain of toys reachin'
To the sky doesn't keep her high
So the needle and the spoon are gonna make
You feel alright
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Never Good Enough Lyrics

Strung Out – Never Good Enough Lyrics