Where are your heroes
Do our egos block us out
From feeding the future
Of this sound?
Where were you
When they passed out
The lotteries of birth?
Conditioned to suffer
What's the price?
What's it worth to us?

No justice no justice
Anywhere until we put it there
No future no future
I don't care

It's not because I don't love you
It's not because I don't know
The time it takes to say goodbye
To find a balance of heart and mind

Explode these traditions
Live for what you love
Not what they tell you to do
Fight the poison minds
Of the dead past
Invading the peace
Between me and you

So where were you when
They passed us over for
The lotteries of birth
Conditioned to suffer
So what's the price?
What's it worth?

We sing!
No. go put your words on the hills and
No. reject the boredom it kills our
Faith in a future they shot and missed
Our ways of expression
A heart not a fist

We sing!
No justice no justice
Anywhere, until we put it there
No future no future
I don't care
Until we put it there

For one and all
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S.S.T. Lyrics

Strike Anywhere – S.S.T. Lyrics