So Marigold, my love, you've had too much to drink
And I need not remind you, our discount tickets for this sinking ship
Take-backs and sweet regrets, that's all that we have left
No one is looking out for anyone but number one
One to one, two to dance, we all get our sweet romance
Though sour grapes will turn to wine its all just vinegar with time
And oh, I want to know, we all want to know
How can anybody treat somebody so?
She said it hurts too much
I said it will never hurt enough
No one will ever see these cuts
No one will ever call this bluff
But that's just the way that it goes
And when he left us he said, "It's not so bad"
That motherfucker he took everything we had
And when I'm thinking back, I'm counting all the ways
Nobody helped us so we dreamt of better days
And we sang: "Yeah that's just the way that it goes"
Yeah, we used to be in love (my love!), but now we're just in like
And we broke all our promises and baby that ain't right
Because you don't know what it's like to lose it all
Take it back, take it back because you don't know what it's like to be on the receiving end of it all
No! No! You were not on the receiving end of it all
You beg and plead, but no one here can save you
Why would they try when they can't quite save themselves?
So Marigold, someday we'll have to write a script
But I won't stop denying ashamed of all the selfish things we did
Dropped out of every single friendship that you had
They nearly loved you, but you never could have loved somebody back
Tell me of your sorrows; tell me everything from the start
I'd like to do my part to help a friend in need
I said you could come to me, but when you needed someone most, I wasn't there,
I wasn't even...
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The Receiving End Of It All Lyrics

Streetlight Manifesto – The Receiving End Of It All Lyrics