A failed painter, born to change the world
Beaten up kid swore his revenge
Whirlwind of chaos and destruction man has never seen before

Blind masses led like a flock of lambs
Deception, blinded by the lie
Another "saviour" of mankind showed the way

Gargantuan monster
Spread terror, food for the guns

Obsession turned to hate
It was their final fate
Projecting, persecuting, murdering and conquering the world

A diabolical plan was created
Armageddon and the apocalypse
Six million people vanished in the air
For the cause of one man

Gargantuan monster
Spread horror, food for the guns

Zenith of power
Zenith of power - He changed the course of history
The final hour
Madness reigns

Zenith of power
Zenith of power - Remains forever a mystery
The final hour
Madness reigns
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Götterdämmerung (Zenith Of Power) Lyrics

Stratovarius – Götterdämmerung (Zenith Of Power) Lyrics