These fires never die
They told me this would help
I'm walking by the water

I'm falling with the tide
They said that this would end
I went as far as I could

I'm on distant ground now
Fishing boats go by
I fall asleep too early

I scream and no one hears me
The waves will wipe it out
And we'll be even

I turn my face to
From wherever the wind blows
Is it worth so much to try


I'm at the airport waiting
For lights to fade below
And then: something else

All instant things are fading
The pain will go
I won't remember

And if the lights went out
If the elevator stopped
If we were lost where I was

Or in the deepest tunnel
The train just stopped
But you gave me no chance

[Chorus x2]
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Fireworks Lyrics

Stina Nordenstam – Fireworks Lyrics

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