If I'm caught at a dance party without my dancin' shoes
And everybody dances on my bare feet
Shame on me
If I'm mindin' my business just doin' the right thing
And you try to front me off in the street
Shame on you
If a family's waiting for that special blessing to
Come their way
But they ain't tryin' to get on their knees and pray
Shame on them
And if we live in a time where every nation's fightin'
'Round the world
Yet we can't all agree that peace is the way

Shame on us
Shame on me, Shame on you, Shame on them, Shame on us
Shame on us
Shame on me, Shame on you, Shame on them, Shame on us
So what the fuss

If I gotta get up early in the morning for a job
And I forget to set the stupid alarm
Shame on me
If my children are playin' outside like little children do
And you come 'round there tryin' to bring them some harm
Shame on you
Should I be drivin' through a Klantown, find a restaurant
To get me some food
And someone says "hey boy, we don't serve your kind"
Shame on them
And if we live in a democracy and you don't use your
Power to vote
Knowin' some would like to turn back the hands of time


If I'm hooked on a habit knowin' damn well it could
Cost me my life
Yet I keep doin' what I should do without
Shame on me
If you're locked in a marriage and your other half
Just gives you abuse
Yet you've convinced yourself that there's no way out
Shame on you
If we're jammin' the music and somebody's got the
To say that they can jam it better than us
Shame on them
And should there be just a handful that believe that
We are totally free
And there's no need to fight for equality

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So What The Fuss? Lyrics

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Stevie Wonder – So What The Fuss? Lyrics

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