This is It team
Lost some friends
And We'll never back down at the hands of the likes of you
Because Were so much better

And 6 of us ain't gonna let you rule
Come at us without any if your fancy tools
Lets go just me and you
Lets go just Us on you

Go ahead and try and beat us if you're able
Can't you see that my friends are unbeatable
I can see you hate the world for fighting
But I think you're just mad cuz you're losing
And we're never gonna stop what we made so far
We're gonna stop you no matter how hard
If you strike us down we'll just come back stronger
And we'll always be twice the trainer that you are

Were made o-o-o-f
And it's stronger than you

(Peridot Rap)
you fool don't you see!
Humans are a disgrace!
You can't comprehend your primitive brain.
I've beat you!
Can't you see We have what we needed?

This is who we are
This is Why we stand here together
And if you think we can't stop you than you need to think again
Because my team won't stop till we win
And It seems we could win this
And I won't let you Succeed with your plans
And I won't let you hurt my friends

Go ahead and try and hit me if you're able
I know you think We're not something you're afraid of
Cuz you think that you've seen what We're made of
But we're standing up for believe in!
So it's time for mega evolution!
I am a leader
I am a fighter

(Repeat Chorus x2)
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Stronger Than You Lyrics

Steven Universe Songs – Stronger Than You Lyrics

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