Oh Carmelita why you been gone so long
I've been sittin' here starin' out the window
Huggin' on the telephone
I've been searchin' my mind tryin' hard to find
Somethin' that I did wrong
Oh Carmelita why you been gone so long

I called your mama and your sister
I even called your daddy too
He said listen here mister yeah this one's up to you
He said you know I love my baby
But she's hard headed like her mom
I've already fought that battle now yours has just begun


You know you really got me shook up
Yeah you really cut me down to size
But I'm never gonna give up til I look you in the eyes
And I hear your explanation
And you seal it with a kiss
It's gonna take a ton of your lovin' to get me over this

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Carmelita Lyrics

Steve Wariner – Carmelita Lyrics

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