Baby Doe

Unfolding today
a miracle play
this Indiana morn
the father--he sighs
she opens her eyes
their baby boy is born

"We don't understand
he's not like we planned"
the doctor shakes his head
"abnormal" they cry
and so they decide
this child is better dead

I bear the blame
believers are few
and what am I to do?
I share the shame
the cradle's below
and where is Baby Doe?

A hearing is sought
the lawyers are bought
the court won't let him eat
the papers applaud
when judges play God
this child is getting weak

They're drawing a bead
reciting their creed
"Respect A Woman's Choice"
I've heard that before
how can you ignore
this baby has a voice

I bear the blame...
it's over and done
the presses have run
some call the parents brave
behind your disguise your rhetoric lies
you watched a baby starve
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Baby Doe Lyrics

Steve Taylor – Baby Doe Lyrics

Songwriters: TAYLOR, STEVE
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